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We all have our vehicle that takes us down the road of our lives. Some of us have a literal vehicle that changes our state and allows us to think,

process and take a deeper dive into our thoughts and creativity. Giving to charity, educating others, being a light in the darkness for someone else or changing the

world on a massive scale are notable vehicles to mention. Behind the vision of Conscious Content LLC, the non-profit Conscious Humanity Inc.

and the Road 2 Remarkable Experience is creator Brian Ross, the host of Road 2 Remarkable.

Brian has enjoyed an outstanding business career and is a compassionate humanitarian at heart and chooses to do more with his time

and abilities than simply turn a profit. As a result, he cultivated a significantly important niche as he worked on the documentary entitled Light in the Darkness

as its business leader and began to formulate the model to expand his vision of creating documentaries on a broader scale with Co-Founder Kimberly Resch and

their team Shaman Motion Pictures and Max Hauser Media. Recognizing others he encountered along his journey had a remarkable story that needed

to be told, Brian felt compelled to share this knowledge with as many as possible. The Road 2 Remarkable was born. If you have a remarkable story that

needs to be told, reach out so we can connect. Remarkable is less than .01% of the population and requires a special set of skills to accomplish and maintain.

Learn what those skills are and take a deeper dive into the lives of those accomplishing just that. Brian’s guests hold themselves to that standard.

Stay tuned for the launch of this special experience. Coming fourth quarter of 2021.



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