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Gardening for Mental health

Gardening for Mental health
May 15, 2022

Studies show that there is a big connection between improved mental health and spending time in nature and interacting with the environment. Gardening is a good constructive way to spend time in nature and develop a healthy hobby.


How does gardening help your daily life?

Gardening teaches you many skills that can help you with your daily life and help remove some stresses. When you graden you are spending your energy on positive experiences, You learn that no matter what, nothing will ever turn out exactly how you want it to, more or less you are only adding in what mother nature has in store. Meaning that in your daily life it may help with your ability to cope with changes and adjust accordingly. This teaches you acceptance with things you cannot control, with the change in your mindset you will have less stress or anxiety about things you can’t change.

 What are the health benefits? 

The health benefits for you are a higher intake of vitamin D. Increased time outside in the sun has so many benefits. Another benefit is it lowers the risk of getting dementia. It is also an aerobic exercise which is good for staying active. There are many benefits for everyone but it especially for those in the 55+ age range. 

What are the mental health benefits of gardening?

Mental health benefits of this are lower rates of anxiety and depression. They have been used as a therapy for individuals that suffer from anxiety. Hospitals around the world have installed gardens because they help people heal faster and keep stress levels low on patients.  When the gardens are community or neighborhood gardens they can have social benefits, like lower rates of social isolation, and have been shown to help individuals with mental disabilities.

What are some other overall benefits of having a garden?

There is one major benefit that having a vegetable garden impacts, which is the health of your household with growing your own food, these foods are free of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals that are sprayed on our fruits and veggies that you pick up from your local grocery store. Any type of garden adds beauty to your yard or neighborhood and who wouldn’t want to live with beauty especially one you got to help create and foster. Gardening is also a hobby and studies have shown that there are many benefits to mental health then individuals pick up a hobby. Overall you get to feel better and eat better and have a life with less stress and anxiety, you also get to help with the health of the plant!


Written and photos by: Zachary Ericksen


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